Batter & Crumbs

no eggs. no dairy. no problem!

batter&crumbs is a vegan baking company offering pastries, custom cakes and door-to-door delivery in the Philadelphia area.

All About Batter & Crumbs

You probably guessed that we’re vegan. Good guess. But we are vegans who love desserts. These days, many restaurants provide vegan menu items as an appetizer or entrée, but when it comes time for dessert disappointment sets in. Since it’s not easy to find vegan pastries on restaurant menus we decided to tackle the problem by marketing our products to local coffee shops and restaurants. Now these same places with nothing to offer their vegan customers can proudly serve great tasting items made by us!

Don’t worry, we take individual orders too! Lots if them, in fact.  Browse around our site to see what we have to offer.  Special orders are usually no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

No eggs?

None. Nada. Zilch. Rather than use eggs, we have other tricks up our sleeves. By taking eggs out of the mix we say goodbye to a bunch of fat and cholesterol. Best of all, it makes the hens happy.

No dairy?

No Whey! That’s right. There are so many amazing options for us to use when baking our products. Our primary non-dairy milk is soy. We recommend trying any of the non-dairy alternatives at home too. Cereal with vanilla almond milk is delicious!

What about butter?

Ah, thought you would never ask. Two words. Earth Balance. This item is readily available at almost every supermarket these days. Pick some up next time and use it just like you use butter. No trans fats and tastes great.


We can accommodate requests for gluten-free items that are also vegan. With so many flour and starch alternatives available, gluten-free baking is a breeze. Although we do everything we can to avoid cross contamination, our kitchen is not a total gluten-free operation.

Nut free?

We can be. Many of our recipes are free of nuts but some of the ingredients we use are packaged on equipment shared with nuts. So if you are highly allergic you need to take this into consideration.

I want some now!  Where do I go?  What do I do?

Fine question. Currently, you can grab our goodies at the following places:

Café Isla in Media

Frankie's on Fairview in Woodlyn

Burlap and Bean locations (DCCC Campus, Media and Newtown Square)

Martindale's Natural Market in Springfield

What a Crock in Brookhaven

Uncle Oogie's locations in South Philly and Sea Isle City

The Cannoli Cafe

Greyhound Cafe in Malvern

Swarthmore Co-Op in Swarthmore

Oakmont Roots Cafe in Havertown

320 Market in Swarthmore and Media

V Marks the Shop in South Philadelphia

The Brickhaus Cafe in Ridley Park

The list keeps growing, so check our social media pages for updates!

But wait, there's more! You can check out all of our products on this website, place an order and we'll deliver right to you door. We offer delivery to anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Media, Pa. (Here's looking at you Philly).  Got some questions? Email us at

I'm not local, do you ship?

Sorry, we aren't shipping at this time.  Maybe one day.

How far in advance should I order?

For wholesale orders or orders for large events, we ask for 3 days advance notice. Smaller orders can sometimes be accommodated with less notice but we recommend 3 days to be on the safe side.  Many weekends book-up (especially during the Spring when it’s wedding season), so if you know you will need something we highly recommend that you order sooner than later.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. Local delivery is free of charge. Local is defined as within 25 miles of Media, Pennsylvania. Deliveries further than 25 miles will have a delivery fee of between $10-20. Deliveries to New Jersey will also have a fee even if within the 25 mile radius due to bridge tolls. We can also arrange for you to pick up your order at one of our wholesale accounts.

How quickly should I eat my treats?

Since we don’t use preservatives, we suggest eating them within 5-7 days. Most items freeze really well too. And, who are we kidding? Once you have a taste, they won’t stand a chance.

So if it's vegan, it must be healthy, right?

Well, not exactly. Let’s face it, it’s still dessert. Our goal is to create amazing treats that are cruelty-free.







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